If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Ellen has been my hygienist for many years. She is so very personable and so very friendly. In fact, The whole staff is amazing. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

- Melanie N.

The entire staff is excellent!

- Carey W.

All of the staff are exceptional!

- Elaine K.

The whole staff is great! Since most of my time is spent with my dental hygienist (Maddie), she deserves a special shout out, as she is always great! Chanda at the front desk is always very friendly and helpful as well!

- Debi A.

Every person in the office is a pleasure to work with. Dr. Carlson is the best! And if he has to refer you out, his network of specialists are the best at what they do. I have no hesitation going into the dentist every 6 months, it’s like a family reunion. Everyone remembers you and knows your name.

- Kathryn E.

Not possible to single anyone out for outstanding service, everyone is great!

- Randy S.

Lorie and Ellen provide outstanding service. My family is your family. Thank you for taking care of us all these years.

- Colleen C.

Ellen is the BEST!!! The ladies at the front are wonderful, too.

- Belinda B.

It would be a lot easier if we were asked to recognize poor service! All of you provide exceptional service and friendship. Vance is the best!

- Elizabeth L.

Dr. Carlson is an amazing person and very thoughtful and kind. I needed immediate attention on a tooth and he was able to see me right away and then gave me to a wonderful Endo for my root canal... which I had done that same evening. The professionalism of the whole staff is remarkable. They are funny and caring and efficient. Thank you for many years of happy teeth!

- GC C.

Dr Carlson is a very caring and comforting dentist. The staff is friendly and professional. The hygienist's are great. I always look forward to going in for my 6 month cleaning. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a dentist.

- Marsha W.

When a family picks a dentist, That can’t be left to chance, So, for nearly thirty years now, Our choice is Dr. Vance. Our boys were in his comfy chair When baby teeth came in To have the doctor check them out: His counting made them grin. With sealants, fillings, cleanings, too, The children had no fears. Through x-rays, caps, and root canals, we grown-ups shed no tears. From hygienists to front desk staff, this dental practice rocks. Kids’ visits end with a fine pick from the treasure chest box. When we needed a referral for some special action like we did for braces and for Wisdom tooth extraction The Carlson Dentistry team had the best suggestions and capably answered for us all our nagging questions. A kind word and a gentle touch Are features of this group, while knowledge and experience Mark this devoted troupe. Five shining stars we give to you, Beloved Dr. C., for treating all our dental needs So gently—and pain free!

- Claudia M.

Dr. Carlson has been my dentist for almost 2 decades! I went to him after poor services and treatment at franchise dental offices. I have less than desirable dental genes, so I'm regularly getting work done, regardless of the care taken to prevent that. I had a root canal when I was only 12, before Dr. Carlson came into my life...bad genes...then I went through chemotherapy in 2007, which continued to break down my teeth/dental health. Once I was cleared by oncologist to go back to Dr. Carlson for cleanings, I had a significant amount of work to be done. He took care of it in his gentle, caring, and very qualified manner. I drive over an hour, one way, just to see him, whether it be for twice a year cleanings, or the work that is often required in between! He's helped me keep all my teeth looking good, when both my parents had dentures about my age, and my brother had a full set at 23! Dr. Carlson told me we'd do everything we could to keep my original teeth working for me! So far, so good. The office staff has been there equally as long, which tells me he's a good employer, as well as good dentist! The staff knows me by name, with our without a file, and asks about things in my life from last time, as well as giving mini counseling sessions while I'm there, because I consider them more than just staff at the office, friends, really. I can't say enough good about this practice. High quality in every sense of the word! Check them out!!

- Shawnda B.

My whole family and I have been going to Dr. Carlson for over 15yrs. He and his wonderful staff are always friendly, welcoming and professional. A lot of people are uneasy about seeing the dentist, but, no fear, Dr. Carlson and his fabulous staff will make you feel very comfortable and will make your experience quite pleasant! Love them!!!!

- El F.

I have been a patient of Dr. Carlson’s since 1983. I initially came to him for a second opinion regarding dental work recommended. Being friends since childhood, I knew he was honest and trustworthy. He spent time explaining his recommendations and offered options. I have been a patient ever since! I had restorations of crowns and gold inlays done over the next few years, completed in 1987. He always made sure I felt no pain and his gentle touch was so reassuring. For the past 26 years, my mouth has remained perfect and the only time I come to visit the office is for the routine cleanings. This is the result of the high quality dentistry he practices and his commitment to his professional work. I also enjoy the visits with all the staff (which have been with Dr. Carlson for years) and I appreciate such a collaborative atmosphere. When I come, everyone makes me feel like part of their family. I have recommended Dr. Carlson to many people over the years. I can’t think of a better dentist to go to….. He is the best!”

- Karen B.

I highly recommend Dr. Carlson and his office staff! He is a great dentist who truly cares about his patients and shows a strong understanding of individual needs and concerns. I trust him completely to help me maintain my best dental health. I also trusted Dr. Carlson in the completion of cosmetic surgery which improved my appearance by giving me a beautiful smile. I now find myself feeling so much more confident and smile a lot more frequently and without the self-consciousness I had always felt before. I was given tetracylcine as a young child, which caused a dark stain on my front teeth. Twenty years ago, Dr. Carlson put veneers on my front six teeth and I felt so much better about having a white smile. The veneers lasted much longer than expected. I was very pleased but still had a gummy smile which always bothered me. I returned to Dr. Carlson who proposed the idea of a laser procedure to extend the length of my front teeth in addition to the replacement of the veneers with porcelain crowns. I love the results!

- Sandi S.

I have gone to the dentist regularly since I was a child. I have worn a retainer to prevent grinding for 30+ years but my front teeth have continued to wear down to the point that I adjust my smile so that my teeth aren’t seen. I had tried coverings a couple of times on the front teeth and crowns anywhere in my mouth either broke or would come loose in too short a time. With Dr. Carlson’ treatment (a combination of crowns and bridges), I now have a smile to be proud of. I feel he is an artist as well as a really great dentist. Best money I ever spent!

- Thomas S.

Even senior citizens can have a dazzling smile with new crowns by Dr. Carlson!

- Ann H.

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