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Do You Need Emergency Dental Treatment?

At our office, we consider a dental emergency to be any oral health issue that is causing you pain that you cannot treat on your own. If your situation applies, pick up the phone and give us a call immediately at (303) 932-6018. We offer same-day appointments to give our patients the care they need and we also accept walk-ins. Come in right away if you are experiencing a dental emergency!

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Common Dental Emergencies

Cracked, broken, or damaged teeth due to oral trauma
Pulled-out, damaged or missing dental work (fillings, crowns, bridges, etc.)
Serious toothaches or tooth sensitivity, indicating a potential deep cavity or infected tooth
Swelling of the face and cheek near the affected tooth is a common sign of an advanced tooth infection

What Is A Dental Emergency?

As a rule, we define a dental emergency as any oral health problem that is causing you serious pain, discomfort and/or oral bleeding. The most obvious example of a dental emergency is an injury caused by dental trauma such as knocked-out, loose, cracked, damaged or broken teeth, as well as gum/lip/tongue lacerations.

However, other issues also count as dental emergencies, such as damaged dental work, advanced cases of gum disease, and infected teeth.  Even a seemingly minor issue like an object or piece of food that’s lodged between your teeth counts as a dental emergency, as this could lead to an infection. 

If your mouth or tooth hurts and you’re not sure what to do, you’re having an emergency. Come to see Dr. Cade or Dr. Carlson right away.

What Should I Do If I Have a Knocked-Out Tooth?

Time is of the essence if you want to save your tooth! Recover it and rinse it with warm water, then replace it in the socket or put it in a container of cold milk to keep it moist. Grab it by the crown, not the root, to avoid damaging the nerves.

Then, call us for an emergency appointment and come to our office ASAP. Your tooth must be replaced and splinted within 2 hours (ideally 1 hour) to save it. If you wait too long, we may not be able to reimplant it. Don’t delay or try to treat your discomfort or bleeding on your own. If you want to save your tooth, come to Carlson Family Dentistry immediately.

Do You Offer Same-Day Appointments?

Yes! We offer same-day emergency appointments for all of our patients. If you are experiencing a dental emergency and need help right away, please give us a call at (303) 932-6018. 

If possible, we ask that you call ahead so we can prepare for your appointment. However, we also accept walk-in emergency patients at our office, which is located at 7325 S. Pierce Street #200 Littleton, CO 80128.

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