How Often Should I See The Dentist For Preventive Care?

Frequent oral exams and teeth cleanings are essential for maintaining your oral health and keeping your teeth and gums healthy and strong. But how often do you really need to see the dentist? Find out in this blog from Carlson Family Dentistry now. 

You Should Come To Carlson Family Dentistry Every Six Months For An Appointment

The ADA and other major dental associations all agree that most patients need to see a dentist like Dr. Carlson or Dr. Cade every six months for a teeth cleaning and oral exam, and that’s our recommendation at Carlson Family Dentistry, too. For most patients, a six-month interval for dental exams and teeth cleanings is the best option.

However, this is not always the case. Some patients, such as those who have gum disease, may need to see a dentist every 3-4 months for periodontal care to halt and reverse the effects of gum disease. 

After your first consultation at Carlson Family Dentistry, Dr. Cade or Dr. Carlson will be able to recommend the proper appointment interval for your specific needs, so come in for an appointment today. 

Understanding The Benefits Of Regular Preventive Care 

Not convinced that twice-yearly oral exams and teeth cleanings are necessary? Let’s take a look at a few of the advantages of coming to Carlson Family Dentistry for regular appointments.

  • Catch oral health problems early – Oral health problems like gingivitis and cavities often cause no pain or discomfort, and are hard to recognize on your own until it’s too late to prevent them. But with an oral exam from Dr. Cade or Dr. Carlson, you’ll be able to catch these problems before they become more severe.

  • Save both time and money – Because you can prevent and avoid common oral health complications, you’ll save time and money, since you will be able to avoid fillings, crowns, periodontal care, and other treatments that may be needed to resolve cavities and gum disease.

  • Keep your smile bright – During your teeth cleaning, your dental hygienist will scrape away plaque and tartar that you can’t remove at home, and will buff your smile with a high-powered polisher to keep your smile healthy and bright. This process can even remove minor surface stains, keeping your teeth white.

  • Get peace of mind – Above all, regular appointments at Carlson Family Dentistry will provide you with peace of mind. After your consultation, you’ll know that your smile is healthy and strong, and you can live your life without worrying about hidden oral health issues.

Need A Dental Appointment In Littleton? Contact Us Today! 

Whether you’re new to the area, overdue for a dental appointment, or want to switch to a new dentist in Littleton, Dr. Cade and Dr. Carlson are here for you. We provide preventive care for the whole family, and we’re always accepting new patients at Carlson Family Dentistry, so contact us online or give us a call at (303) 932-6018 to schedule a consultation right away. 

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